We are the action in your visionary team.

We create, design and implement projects and programs built off of your vision. We form teams of motivated specialists, understanding group dynamics and the importance of putting people in places where they will succeed. We are movement builders who enjoy inspiring others to do good work.

Let us be your idea accelerator.

Our specialties include:

Design | Implementation | Team Training | Movement Creation | Project Acceleration

Project design

You have an idea you've always wanted to put into action, but you don't have the time, capacity or knowledge to start. That's where we come in. We love working with individuals, businesses and organizations to get their next great project off the ground. 

We specialize in conceptualizing your vision, putting words to your idea and getting it down on paper. What you'll end up with is a step-by-step road map on how to reach success.


Implementation and project acceleration

While you focus on satisfying your mission, bottom lines, stakeholders, and employees, we'll step in and make your idea happen. Whether you already have a plan, or we design one for you, our team will act as the extra capacity you need to move forward. 

We've led long term initiatives, jump started projects to hand off to current staff, and produced one time events for clients around the world. With Current, getting started is easier than you think.



Our team brings the collective experience of building successful local and global campaigns that generate a buzz around good work. We'll work as movement catalysts to generate a following of engaged and enthusiastic supporters over the course of the project.


Team training

We understand the importance of placing people in situations where they can excel and be successful, and we enjoy working with your already established team to utilize each person's skill set. Before handing off any project to you or your staff, we will work closely together to ensure full understanding of processes and steps. We are always available for follow up support or guidance.